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khi cài bind trên centos 5 thì start lên nó bị lỗi này.

Locating //etc/named.conf failed:

bạn nào biết fix giúp mình

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- bạn vào thử mục:


cp named.conf /etc

cp named.rfc1912.zones /etc

cp named.root.hints /etc

- mở file /etc/named.conf

xóa trắng vào thêm:

// Sample named.conf BIND DNS server 'named' configuration file
// for the Red Hat BIND distribution.
// See the BIND Administrator's Reference Manual (ARM) for details, in:
//   file:///usr/share/doc/bind-*/arm/Bv9ARM.html
// Also see the BIND Configuration GUI : /usr/bin/system-config-bind and
// its manual.
        // Those options should be used carefully because they disable port
        // randomization
    // query-source    port 53;    
    // query-source-v6 port 53;
    // Put files that named is allowed to write in the data/ directory:
    directory "/var/named"; // the default
    dump-file         "data/cache_dump.db";
        statistics-file     "data/named_stats.txt";
        memstatistics-file     "data/named_mem_stats.txt";

/*      If you want to enable debugging, eg. using the 'rndc trace' command,
 *      named will try to write the 'named.run' file in the $directory (/var/named).
 *      By default, SELinux policy does not allow named to modify the /var/named directory,
 *      so put the default debug log file in data/ :
        channel default_debug {
                file "data/named.run";
                severity dynamic;
// All BIND 9 zones are in a "view", which allow different zones to be served
// to different types of client addresses, and for options to be set for groups
// of zones.
// By default, if named.conf contains no "view" clauses, all zones are in the
// "default" view, which matches all clients.
// If named.conf contains any "view" clause, then all zones MUST be in a view;
// so it is recommended to start off using views to avoid having to restructure
// your configuration files in the future.



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